Thank you very much for entering into Toyako Marathon 2023.
We look forward to participating it that day.

Please come to pick your running kit which are included athlete bib, runners chip and so on up on 21 May,2023.

Reception place and hours are as follows.
【Reception place】
General information center(Runner help desk) where is Main venue of Lakeside path square(tent)
※Please open this link and click on the banner URL: ttps://ww*.toyako-maratho*.jp/
【Reception hours】
May 21,2023 6:30AM~10:00AM

For the Toyako Marathon Eve Party Participants on 20th May
【Eve Party】
May 20,2023 5:30PM~7:00PM
【Reception place】
In front of Toyako Culture Center
【Reception hours】
May 20,2023 2:00PM~5:30PM

Exective commitee of Toyako Marathon
(Weekday 9:00AM~5:00PM / Closed on weekends and holidays )
Postal code 049-5721
Toyako informaion plaza,Toyakoonsen 142,Toyakocho,Abutagun,Hokkaido,Japan

Please call this number TEL:070-1772-5559 only on 21 May.